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Docker compose pokes holes in FirewallsUpdating the Expiration Date of a GPG key
Archive for 2022
Platform based dependencies in poetryOptimizing Docker build speed and image Size for a Django project
Archive for 2021
Docker Compose Log File Settings
Archive for 2020
SSH Certificates with step-caBuild your own certificate authorityCreating your own Virtual Private Cloud
Archive for 2018
Creating Airgapped keys for Yubikey
Archive for 2017
Restricting rsync access with SSHGetting better feedback from sinon stubsExtending SupertestView git diff by word
Archive for 2016
Pretty printing of git commit historyPretty Printing from the Commmand LineSafely force pushing with GitRescue a missing git stashFinding files without New Lines at the EndCI for latex filesSpell checking latex files with aspellTracing Functions in PythonSpinning down a HarddriveList User Installed PackagesClean up Docker Instances
Archive for 2015
Configure pulseaudio output via command lineAge of git tracked file IIAge of git tracked fileSigning a multi page PDFPushing to pypiScreenshot with mplayer
Archive for 2014
Colored diff on the Command lineManually Connecting EthernetShrinking ova fileSetting up kippo on Raspberry PiAllow ping with iptablesMaking time lapsesNginx RedirectInstalling node to a virtualenvSetting feh as default image viewerLDAP for DjangoDigital Ocean API WrapperGetting a random file from a directory
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LVM resizeExtension ram filesBroadcom Wireless Internet SetupForward and Back ButtonsWatermarking with Image MagickPlay DVDspygmentsLost Partition Table
Archive for 2012
Inverting an Image with Image MagickindentImage Resizing with Image Magick IIMLA in latexGrub issuesSOPA Blackout javascript "landing page"Bazaar
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BrightnessDual DisplaysSimplePieImage Resizing with Image Magick