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Archive for 2021

Docker Compose Log File Settings

Archive for 2020

SSH Certificates with step-ca

Build your own certificate authority

Creating your own Virtual Private Cloud

Archive for 2018

Creating Airgapped keys for Yubikey

Archive for 2017

Restricting rsync access with SSH

Getting better feedback from sinon stubs

Extending Supertest

View git diff by word

Archive for 2016

Pretty printing of git commit history

Pretty Printing from the Commmand Line

Safely force pushing with Git

Rescue a missing git stash

Finding files without New Lines at the End

CI for latex files

Spell checking latex files with aspell

Tracing Functions in Python

Spinning down a Harddrive

List User Installed Packages

Clean up Docker Instances

Archive for 2015

Configure pulseaudio output via command line

Age of git tracked file II

Age of git tracked file

Signing a multi page PDF

Pushing to pypi

Screenshot with mplayer

Archive for 2014

Colored diff on the Command line

Manually Connecting Ethernet

Shrinking ova file

Setting up kippo on Raspberry Pi

Allow ping with iptables

Making time lapses

Nginx Redirect

Installing node to a virtualenv

Setting feh as default image viewer

LDAP for Django

Digital Ocean API Wrapper

Getting a random file from a directory

Archive for 2013

LVM resize

Extension ram files

Broadcom Wireless Internet Setup

Forward and Back Buttons

Watermarking with Image Magick

Play DVDs


Lost Partition Table

Archive for 2012

Inverting an Image with Image Magick


Image Resizing with Image Magick II

MLA in latex

Grub issues

SOPA Blackout javascript "landing page"


Archive for 2011


Dual Displays


Image Resizing with Image Magick