Setting up kippo on Raspberry Pi

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Downloading Kippo

  1. Download tarball from Google code.
note:the project has since moved to github

2. In my case most of the traffic was attempting a sftp connection. The version of kippo that I acquired from Google code didn't handle sftp so I found a fork on github.

git clone

This version ran extremely slow on the raspberry pi.

Diagnosing problems

I ran:

twistd -y kippo.tac -n --spew

And discovered that deepcopy was taking a long time.

Installing pypy

I wanted to see if pypy was able to run deepcopy faster.

r = []
for i in xrange(40):
    l = [round(random.random()*100000) for i in xrange(10*3*60*60)]

ini = time.time()
print "Time: ", time.time() - ini

It was faster with pypy.

Installing third-party packages with pypy

Roughly follow these instructions:

$ curl -O
$ curl -O
$ ./pypy-2.1/bin/pypy
$ ./pypy-2.1/bin/pypy
$ ./pypy-2.1/bin/pip install pygments  # for example

Install twisted and pycrypto

Running with pypy

$ pypy /usr/bin/twisted -y kippo.tac -n

Change the file to use pypy.

Starting kippo on boot

To make kippo start when the raspberry pi was booted I created an init file the code can be found here: