Signing a multi page PDF

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Rather than printing a document, filling it out by hand and then scanning to so that you are able to return it electronically, use Gimp and ImageMagick to sign documents electronically.


  1. First, make sure to have a png image with the signature on a transparent background.

  2. Next, open …

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Making time lapses

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  1. Make a new directory and copy only the images that are used for the timelapse.
mkdir /tmp/tl
cp timelapse*.jpg /tmp/tl/
  1. Resize the images to a certain size. (Optional):

    for i in *.JPG; do echo -e "$i...\c"; convert "$i" -resize 1920x1080 "$i"; echo done; done
  2. Create …

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Watermarking with Image Magick

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I decided to try and start signing my pictures.

composite -watermark 15% -gravity southeast sign-1.png $i $i;

It needs more tweaking but that will do for now.

To convert all files in a directory:

for i in *.JPG; do
        echo -e "$i... \c";
        composite -watermark 15% -gravity southeast sign-1 …
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Image Resizing with Image Magick II

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I already posted about image magick before but since this time I actually needed to use it, I found the "for" statement to work better than find.

$ for i in *.jpg; do echo "$i"; convert "$i" -resize 600x "$i"; done


$ for i in *.JPG; do echo -e "$i...\c …
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