Projects that I am currently developing or have worked on in the past. They are listed below with background on their purpose, progress and code location.


    purpose:A webapp to track and analyze your bowling games.
    repo: (private for now)
  2. On-demand Minecraft server

    purpose:This project provides all the configuration using terraform needed to run an "on demand" minecraft server on AWS. The server will automatically shutdown after five minutes of no one playing to reduce cost. The project also contains an AWS lambda based API and a small svelte webapp to allow users to start the EC2 instance when they'd like to play.
  3. Stand-up round robin app

    purpose:Tiny app for handling a random stand-up rotation with optional timer. It allows for adding and removing people as well as temporarily disabling a person. The app allows for skipping which will requeue a name. Additionally, the app saves the app state in the url for handy bookmarking and sharing.
  4. Twin trimmer

    purpose:Tool that can help to automate removal of duplicate files


  1. Progress Bar (tqdm) (2015)

    purpose:Create a reusable python progress bar. It is a fork of another project but allows for styling of the progressbar. (edit: this repo was abandoned when I forked it but it now seems to have been picked up by the community)
  2. Paste Math (2013)

    purpose:Create a pastebin type application that also includes the MathJAX javascript library for templating.
  3. Euchre (2013)

    purpose:Develop an application to play euchre between friends. Also develop a believable computer controlled player.
  4. Tic-tac-toe (2013)

    purpose:Develop a tic-tac-toe ai that will learn with the player until it can play a perfect game.