Screenshot with mplayer

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To take screenshots with mplayer, you need to first run mplayer with a special flag.

mplayer -vf screenshot movie001.mp4

Then once the movie is playing you can screen shot any frame by hitting the 's' key. mplayer will name the files starting with shot0001.png.

When I first tried …

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Making time lapses

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  1. Make a new directory and copy only the images that are used for the timelapse.
mkdir /tmp/tl
cp timelapse*.jpg /tmp/tl/
  1. Resize the images to a certain size. (Optional):

    for i in *.JPG; do echo -e "$i...\c"; convert "$i" -resize 1920x1080 "$i"; echo done; done
  2. Create …

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Watermarking with Image Magick

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I decided to try and start signing my pictures.

composite -watermark 15% -gravity southeast sign-1.png $i $i;

It needs more tweaking but that will do for now.

To convert all files in a directory:

for i in *.JPG; do
        echo -e "$i... \c";
        composite -watermark 15% -gravity southeast sign-1 …
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Image Resizing with Image Magick II

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I already posted about image magick before but since this time I actually needed to use it, I found the "for" statement to work better than find.

$ for i in *.jpg; do echo "$i"; convert "$i" -resize 600x "$i"; done


$ for i in *.JPG; do echo -e "$i...\c …
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