Installing node to a virtualenv


I had originally typed up these instructions in a gist for my personal use but in case they are useful to you:

  1. Change directory to virtualenv:

    cd /path/to/virtualenv
  2. Download node:

  3. Set prefix variable:

    export VPREFIX=$(pwd)
  4. Untar the archive:

    tar xfz node-v0.10.29.tar.gz
  5. Change to that new directory:

    cd node-v0.10.29.tar.gz
  6. Run configure:

    ./configure --prefix=$VPREFIX

    Note: you should see something about you virtualenv's python in the configure output

  7. Run make:

  8. Install node:

    make install
  9. Verify the correct path:

    which node
    note:you have to have you virtualenv activated.
original gist: