Making time lapses

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  1. Make a new directory and copy only the images that are used for the timelapse.
mkdir /tmp/tl
cp timelapse*.jpg /tmp/tl/
  1. Resize the images to a certain size. (Optional):

    for i in *.JPG; do echo -e "$i...\c"; convert "$i" -resize 1920x1080 "$i"; echo done; done
  2. Create a list of files:

    ls -1tr | grep -v files.txt > files.txt
note:This will use the order that is show by ls -1, consider changing the ls flags or adding sort to make a list sorted in another way.
  1. Create movie with a stream of jpgs:

    mencoder -nosound -noskip -oac copy -ovc copy -o output.avi -mf fps=15 'mf://@files.txt'
  2. Compress the video into a 1080p video:

    ffmpeg -i output.avi -y -s hd1080 -sameq output-final.avi


First example:

Second example:

Third Example: