Getting better feedback from sinon stubs

DateReadtime 2 minutes Series Part 2 of Testing Express Tags

Sinon is an extremely powerful tools for writting unit tests. It helps to create standalone spies, stubs and mocks to isolate functionallity.

Setting up Sinon

The documentation suggests you can, for example, create a spy like so:

it('calls the original function', function () {
    var callback = sinon.spy();
    var proxy = once …
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Extending Supertest

DateReadtime 3 minutes Series Part 1 of Testing Express Tags

I have an express app running behind an Apache reverse proxy with mod_auth_mellon used to authenticate users via SAML.

As a result of relying on headers for auth, I have lots of mocha tests that look like:

it("should add a comment with a user", (done) => {
    let expectedUser = "a User …
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